Change The World


What can you do to create change in the world? It doesn’t require much time or money. Use your imagination, organization with friends, family, or colleagues, and get started. Everything is possible. . .

Ramapo College of New Jersey: Donations help students in many ways from scholarships to new buildings to best meet their needs!

Charity Navigator: Find out how charities spend received donations.

Kiva: Loans that change lives


Consider making it your home page and click each one time (max) daily

Animal Rescue Site:

Each click gives .6 bowls of food to a rescued animal (Max 1 click daily)

The Hunger Site:

Each click gives 1.1 cups of food to the hungry (Max 1 click daily)

The Breast Cancer Site:

Each click gives contributes to mammogram costs for a woman in need.

NOTE: Men get breast cancer too and should be checked annually.

The Child Health Site:

Each click provides a child with life saving health care.

The Literacy Site:

Each click helped give a child in need a book to read and treasure.

The Rainforest Site:

Each click protect 11.4 square feet of rainforest habitat for wildlife.